5Seo Secrets

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 I know that my website in Arabic, but I thought that brought the idea to more than one languageSome of the techniques used

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5Seo Secrets
5Seo Secrets

She pushes you to always stay in the forefrontBut you 'll need a lot of hard workThere are 7 ideas or secrets that will help to ensure the survival of your site in the top search engines

1. Password first diversify your content

Content is still distinctive way and purest to get your website on top of the results, but the content is not limited to just one areaBut you have to diversify to get a good result in search engines .Have you thought about creating a YouTube channel and publish video content on your site? Visitors will enjoy the diversification of your content , as long as you keep it within the scope of your site , in addition to the deployment of new content , good and interesting to your site2. The second password announce your siteAlways of the best tips on the InternetTo get your site a good result in search engines , but , are advertising for your site . May cost you some money . But only you big way . I'm not saying that Google belongs to the sites Her ad but the ad for your site will be very useful to publish your site and ultimately adopt visitor survival as the content of the site . Is it interesting ? Um content is good3. Password third social networksOf the most important secrets of archiving sites and get the largest number of visitors and publish the site and get a free announcement means , that is through social networks such as Facebook is the network most of it by the turnout of millions of people around the worldNetworking : Alanstaqram and is an effective network allows you to deliver your images to the largest number of people so that there was a lot of interesting pictures of your site will not regret if he tried to experiment and access to your site4. Fourth password . Appearance of your site SEOThe appearance of your site is one of the most important factors that will help you publish your continued without any interference from you , forcing Google to trust your siteSuppose that your website has the appearance of a decent and good and wonderful and eye-catching and wished anyone to have such an appearance in his position then it will resort to the methods of design -Fi available online in several locations and then would ask anyone design or bring in a template , such as located in the forums and therefore will put a link to your blog to express his request more and this is what we're talking about . Link your site which increases the popularity of your site and people start talking about you . So I advise you design a template for your blog and be unique is not bad to be simple, but it will be new to the people and therefore will receive admiration .5. Fifth password . The emergence of your smartphonesSmart phones and computers , such as painting .Sony Xperia Z.iPad
Galaxy TabAnd other tablet devices must therefore create your website or blog for smart phones via add template disproportionate with those applicationsDid you know that there are millions that use these phones ?So you do not put the opportunity to find these people to your site.If you start to change?You had ‪ ahmed abd elrazek

mahmoudabuzaid مدون مصرى و أبلغ من العمر 25 عاما و أعمل على تهيئة المواقع لمحركات البحث

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